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Special interests


We have a special interest in this unique breed and have many breeders as clients. We are familiar with their particular needs and can offer advice and treatment for specific problems, for example breeding, including caesarean sections, 'cherry eye', screw tail, entropian, soft palate and nasal problems.

This interest extends to similar short faced breeds such as Pugs, Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs.

Greyhounds - racing and retired

Walpole and Bingham Veterinary Surgeons have a lifetime connection with Monmore Green greyhound racing stadium as official track vets and with the local branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust. We are therefore well used to looking after these unique athletes during their racing life and later on when they swap their racing colours for warm coats and leisurely walks.

This knowledge is relevant in other sight hounds such as Whippets and Lurchers.


We may be currently well known for our bulldogs and greyhounds but that doesn't mean that we neglect our feline friends! In fact, some of our geriatric felines have been coming to our practice for going on 20 years!  John has recently caved in to the constant urge of taking home stray kittens and now Lord Bolton and Myranda are constant sources of amusement at his home! Our new vet Varvara also has an interest in feline medicine!