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Surgery hours

Please call 01902 342775 for advice or to book an appointment.

Opening times

  • Weekdays: 8.30am - 6.45pm
  • Saturdays:  9.00am - 12.00pm
  • Sundays:   10.30am - 12.00pm

Consulting times

  • Weekdays: 9.00am - 12.30pm, 3.30pm - 6.30pm
  • Saturdays: 9.00am - 11.30am (urgent issues only)
  • Sundays:   10.30am - 12.00pm (urgent issues only)

Normal Operating times

  • Weekdays: 9:00am - 2:00pm
  • Weekends: emergencies only and please refer to note on in-patients below

When the practice is closed, emergency cases can be seen by St. Georges Veterinary Group in Wolverhampton on 01902 425 262.

Inpatients can either be transferred to St. Georges overnight for 24 hour care or remain at Walpole and Bingham; but please note no staff are present overnight durine the week or after 3pm on Saturday and 12pm on Sunday!